Everything old is new again

I read some wise words on the weekend from Tony Robbins:

Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.

Tony Robbins photo

While things haven’t been “bad” — our move to Geelong mid-way during 2014 wasn’t ideal. Yes, we loved the local community and our business neighbours in Breakwater. Geelong is hugely into local networking and being supportive so I’m happy we’re still going to be part of the Geelong and Bellarine business community.

What didn’t work for us was the very thing that helps set our printing apart: all the overheads of a printing business!

Wow. Despite 17 years owning a full-time marketing, design and printing business, this has been quite an “experience” as Tony Robbins would put it.

Spiralling costs have revealed — first hand — exactly why we need to stick to our very successful operating model — and give us the ability to pass on the savings and make great quality printing more affordable.

So we’ve ditched the overheads.

And re-located our business in Indented Head.

While we’re back home, we’re definitely not “backyard” operators. We have the same high quality digital printing machinery, the same capabilities to do flyers, pull-up banners, stickers and more. But, best of all, it isn’t delivered now with the 40 or so hours a month in lost commute time (and its associated cost) — we live next to the bay at Indented Head for a reason!

I can already feel my brain cells refreshing themselves in our Bellarine lifestyle.

Yes, we’ll definitely miss our Breakwater business neighbours (and clients!), but having spent a long time in a home-based business, and having almost four years based at home in Portarlington and Indented Head, it already feels good — on day one — to be back home. Another chapter has begun.