How To Order

We still believe in traditional relationships with clients!

So our order process is NOT a screen-based, not-touched-by-humans experience.

Instead, you’ll deal with a REAL person.

We will be adding a lot more to our website about what we offer, as we grow … but in the meantime, everything is still available, just not presented to you here online!

Because we don’t have an expensive retail store, at the moment we’re not in a location you can drop in and visit. That’s part of our low-overhead cost strategy to pass on even more savings to YOU.

So give us a call or send us a message and we’ll get you sorted out.

Paying For Your Order

To keep our overheads low — so we can pass on the savings to you — all orders require payment in advance, prior to printing. We don’t offer credit terms.

You can pay for your order in several ways:

  1. Direct bank transfer (EFT) — details provided when you order
  2. PayPal invoice — we can invoice you via PayPal if you prefer this payment method (which includes payment via credit card)
  3. Traditional payment methods — cheques or money orders are okay too! Details are provided when you order.
  4. Cash on pick-up is not available — this would mean we’ve printed your order before receiving payment.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our printing! You are of course protected by Australian consumer guarantees, and we happily guarantee the quality of our service. In the unlikely event there is something wrong with the printing (damaged or faulty goods) please let us know immediately so we can discuss rectifying the problem.

We subscribe to the Sir Richard Branson theory of customer satisfaction … “mistakes are inevitable, dissatisfied customers are not!”

Yes, we admit mistakes do happen — thankfully (but by design, not by luck!) quite rarely. And yes, we do rectify the problem!

Here’s an example: one of our trade printers recently got the numbering wrong on a big run of order pads for a retail food client. We worked with our customer to make sure we got the complete order reprinted for free (and we gave our customer a gift and note card to say sorry for the trouble). Our lovely note card is still on display in their shop, and they’re still happily our customer.

Often, with more than 21 years working with more than a dozen printers, we get to spot client artwork issues before problems arise, so they’re corrected in advance… in this instance, while the customer has responsibility for proofing and artwork, we can still assist with ensuring printing turns out as it should.