Big Savings

How come we can save you so much money? Great question! Here’s why we have such big savings…

  1.  Without the huge million dollar printing presses, dozens of production and sales staff, and all that equipment and overhead, we simply have lower costs in our business model. And with lower costs, we can pass on the savings to you.
  2. Even smaller printers have some trouble with our type of pricing. Because even if they use trade printers for some items — especially full colour — they’ve still got to justify their in-house pricing. So their colour pricing is higher to make that look more reasonable vs in-house options.
  3. For us, it’s quite the opposite. In many cases, full colour is cheaper than single spot Pantone colour! This doesn’t apply to black, but to other colours. Eg, spot blue (say Pantone 280) is actually more expensive to print than CMYK full colour blue. That’s because our trade printers print CMYK all day long … and have the inks setup on their machines etc that way. Changing to spot colour takes time and costs more. So — unbelievably — full colour is often now the most cost-effective (some trade printers only offer full colour now).
  4. Because we have the volume to have a good in-house digital machine, without all the big overhead costs, our digital pricing is very cost effective too. We pass on the savings to you.

Here are TEN typical print examples (types of regular printing) of how you can achieve BIG savings on your printing costs.


70 copies of a 12-page A4 booklet
3 x A3 sheets, double sided, 6 x A3 impressions, A3 folded and stapled to A4, full colour on 140gsm gloss stock

Competitor: printing $726.60 plus $63 to upgrade paper to 140gsm, plus $35 to make booklets = $824.60

OUR PRICE (same specifications) … $189. Yes, $189. SAVES $635.60 (77.08%)

Dean says: The competitor is a household name and has a pricing model which really penalises you if you are only after smaller quantities. We don’t do that — you get big savings even with small runs like 50 or more sheets (even below that our pricing is much less than theirs). And our clients LOVE how these jobs turn out.



8-page A3 booklet x 100 copies
200 sheets, 400 impressions, A3 folded and stapled to A4, full colour on 140gsm gloss stock

Competitor: printing $692.00 plus $60.00 to upgrade paper to 140gsm, plus $50.00 to make booklets = $802.00

OUR PRICE (same specifications) … $159. SAVES $643.00 (80.17%)

Dean says: Again, why have to pay a small fortune for this type of project? It’s really outrageous to pay $802 instead of $159! That $643 saving is your hard-earned profit being eaten away by greedy suppliers. Don’t over-pay for your printing, especially your digital business printing!



Colour client newsletter x 200 copies
A3 single sheet, printed in full colour on both sides and folded to A4 on 140gsm paper stock

Competitor: printing $692.00 plus $60.00 to upgrade paper to 140gsm, plus $4.00 folding = $756.00

OUR PRICE (same specifications) … $144. SAVES $612.00 (80.95%)

Dean says: When you’re paying $756 for 200 newsletters instead of $144, it’s really no surprise that small business owners think this kind of marketing is unaffordable! We’re putting an end to that. On our pricing, you could print FIVE lots of 200 colour newsletters and still have change left over! That  makes reaching your best 200 clients or customers so much more affordable — and really means you get to keep their attention and make more profit in your business.



Competitor marketing a DL flyer described as “Deal of the Year” — we don’t think so!
1000 or 2500 DL flyers, printed in full colour, single sided on 150gsm artpaper. They include artwork, so let’s be generous and allow $50 for artwork with “1 round of minor alterations, logo preparation not included”

With artwork removed, pricing is therefore $240 plus GST ($264) for 2500 or 190 plus GST ($209) for 1000

OUR PRICE (same specifications): $149 for 1000 SAVES $60 or 28.7%
$189 for 2500 SAVES $75 or 28.4%

Dean says: Now even with non-digital printing (traditional offset printing or commercial business printing) we can offer you some great savings. That’s because we work with MULTIPLE trade-only printers and can really “cherry pick” the jobs they do best. By doing the running around for you, we save you versus just having one printer to get your price quote from.



Competitor marketing 5000 DL flyers with the “best price on the market” — errr, no it ain’t!

Their price is $232 with free delivery, for 5000 DL printed full colour, single sided on 150gsm art paper

OUR PRICE for 5000 DL (same specifications) is $199, SAVE $33 or 14.2% — and includes aqueous varnish protection.

Dean says: Yes, another claim that frankly leaves itself open to being trumped. We’re not silly enough to make such “best price” claims — our mission is best VALUE (sometimes, that’s not the lowest price, but often it is best value because of other factors). Even if you don’t include our other print savings, being at least 14% better off is well worth taking notice of!



A4 Letterhead, printed full colour single sided on 100gsm laser bond.

Competitor advertised price: $288 for 2000

OUR PRICE = $232 (we include delivery, with a nominal value of $10, so our equivalent price is $222) … SAVE $66 or 22.91%

Dean says: This is the danger again of just having a single printer supplying your printing needs. We’re NOT a traditional offset printer, so we can work with our best suppliers to bring you great-value prices — dealing with trade-only providers who frankly don’t want your business. Our high volume, high quality options can really add up in terms of savings. And often we can still ensure very quick turnaround times (depending on the job and stock choices, sometimes with NEXT DAY despatch), so again that’s where BEST VALUE still comes into the equation — you’re not waiting weeks just because you’ve found a better price.



Business cards …. 2000 90x55mm, full colour both sides with celloglazing (laminating) on both sides

Competitor advertised price $245.

OUR PRICE is $145, SAVE $100 or 40.81%

Dean says: Imagine saving $100 EVERY TIME you needed an order of 2000 business cards! We have great value prices too on smaller quantities of business cards (250, 500, 1000 or 1500), and LOTS of other paper (the “stock” which for business cards is usually between 310gsm and 400gsm) and finishing options (eg, metallic foil stamping, UV raised finish, one-sided celloglazing, embossing and debossing, rounded corners and die cut shapes etc).



Plastic Membership Cards

An “affordable” competitor (their definition!) offers 1000 cards for $695 on 0.5mm PP.

OUR PRICE = $279, SAVE $416 or 59.85%!

Dean says: we are still improving on our plastic card pricing, so we may be able to give you even more value in the future. But even in the meantime, saving $416 is rather nice, thanks! That’s a good chunk of money you’d rather not waste on over-priced printing!



DL Calendar Magnets claimed by a competitor as “Lowest Price or its Free!” … sorry to disappoint them — great for you that we do!

Their price for 1000 (slightly smaller size than our full DL 97x210mm) is $966 with artwork — to get our equivalent price, deduct a nominal $50 artwork fee = $916

OUR PRICE is $777, SAVE $139 or 15.17%

Dean says: Again, a “low price” claim which gets me shaking my head (and fist, because it’s misleading!) … we never claim lowest price, we just “do the running around” between our trade-only print suppliers (in this case, we print the magnet so it saves you more).



Business cards …. 1000 90x55mm, full colour both sides on 310gsm artboard

See the screen capture from the competitor’s website:

Screen shot of expensive business card pricing from a competitor

Competitor advertised price $163.90 (not sure if delivery is included).

OUR PRICE is $88 including GST and delivery for premium 350gsm stock, printed full colour on both sides (better than 310gsm), SAVE $75.90 or 46.3%

Dean says: Again, it’s just 1000 cards and you’re saving more than $75! It’s easy to see how the savings really add up, and just how quickly you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars of your hard-earned profits.