Finally, We’ve Put An End To Over-Priced Printing!

We have a confession! We don’t own a big fancy printing company! That’s right — all of those big EXPENSIVE printing machines you’d usually expect to find in a printing company … aren’t ours. That keeps our overheads really low.

What we do is different.

We’re an “un-printer” so to speak — at least for traditional (offset) printing services which is usually done (when done well) on very large, complex and expensive machines that often need a crane to be moved.

Instead, for that type of printing, we partner with “trade-only” printers.

These partners have all of the great big machines, using the best and latest printing technology, with highly-trained expert staff and more.

They then give US really competitive wholesale pricing, and print in high quality, with a quick turnaround — they’re the printers that you can’t get access to on your own (frankly, they don’t want your business, they want ours).

We both focus on what we do best. Because we know about design (and 32+ years of working with printers), and taking care of customers … our partners can focus on making quality printing very affordable.

Some of our printing services ARE in-house, because we’ve discovered that the best value we can give you is to do these jobs ourselves. And some of our services come from well-researched trade partners.

It’s just like going to a supermarket and getting your shopping done — the lettuce farmer would rather deal with supermarkets. And — at the same time — the supermarket also stocks some of its own brands.

But there’s more to this story.

So many times in our relentless research, we see graphic designers and other printers using trade partners too — but they’re often reluctant to say so. We’re first to admit: we’re not the first print broker that exists!

But when we see the high prices some of the others charge, they’re either lazy, unaware or just plain greedy, because they rely on perhaps one or two suppliers (sometimes just one —  we can tell by the details in their offerings) and it ends up costing YOU a lot more than it should.

Quite frankly, some trade printers can be really expensive, with no “upside” to that extra cost — ie, you’re getting no extra value for the extra price, you’re just paying more.

That’s dreadful!

We want you to pay the best price possible (our digital savings vs competitors are up to 80.95% so far!). That allows  us to be super competitive with our printing pricing, while we’re still profitable (after all, if we’re not profitable, we don’t stay in business, and you don’t get access to this great pricing!) — and we can pass on these savings to you.

Now we’re not about to claim we’re the “lowest price” — because we know the industry better than this. We’ve seen other printers do this — and it’s simply not true. Most times our own prices are better than theirs. So we’ll stick with “best price possible”.

Yes, occasionally we do see a print price that we can meet or get very close to, but we can’t beat. Sometimes a printer will get a great deal on a particular paper stock, or be really focused on one particular product, so they price it really low and work directly with business clients (not via trade partners). Those kinds of printers still do exist of course. Or they have one or two great priced products to get your attention, while the others aren’t so great.

So if we do know of a price where we are not the lowest, we will tell you that. It has happened (and our client is still our client, just not for that one product we don’t do much of anyway).

We’re not focused on “loss leader” style pricing, nor are we specialised in just one product. We just keep hunting and hunting (and hunting!) for the best price and value we can get. Price of course isn’t the only consideration, so we take that into account too.

Super competitive prices are great — so long as they’re backed up with top quality and reliability — and a turnaround time that suits you.

That’s why we work with a WIDE RANGE of quality trade suppliers.

What this means is that, in effect, we’ve done the running around for you because we “cherry pick” the best value print option for you from our range of top quality, trade-only printing solutions.

And because we don’t have big print-factory overheads, (we’re a modern, more ‘agile’ business with our own digital print setup) … we pass on the savings — meaning you get great pricing and top quality … which is the BEST VALUE combination we can think of!