DMK is part of us too

The DMK Business Systems name is part of Complete Business Printing Pty Ltd.

That means you have more marketing resources at your disposal.

Why DMK?

DMK was our business name a long time ago when it really didn’t matter what we were called! It wasn’t a public name so didn’t have to be memorable. And because we did a lot of work in the travel industry, a three-letter acronym fitted in quite well (aside from being family initials).

And, as we built our business on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, it was easy for our customers to talk about “DMK” to their colleagues.

Finally, after several years passed and we started attending a few business events such as through Rotary or a local business network, we’d get asked, “What’s DMK do?”.

By that stage the name had no meaning to prospective customers who didn’t know us. It made more sense to be called “Complete Business Printing” — it got rid of that awkward question and made it very clear what we do, as our main focus by this stage was printing.

But for some long term clients, the DMK name is still on the tip of their tongue, so it’s not time yet to retire the name.

DMK really is about local marketing — providing a range of local marketing tools for small businesses to attract, keep and grow their list of customers/clients.

That includes tools such as running local promotions, affordable loyalty programs, and adding value to the resources you use to promote your business or group.

Another “ace up our sleeve” to help make your printing responsive and persuasive!